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Weekly Newsletter

For March 19th to 23rd, 2018


Dear Parents:
     As we are entering into our Spring Break, I wanted to send out this newsletter early as we have several new items happening the week we come back.
     Before the break, we enjoyed a great Rodeo theme.  With the highlight of our week being our Rodeo Day!  The children were so well behaved, and enjoyed so many aspects of our day-lots of comments that it was the best day ever!
      Our Bible Lesson for the past week was the start of Passion Week,  “Jesus enters Jerusalem.”  Matthew 21:1-11  On Palm Sunday, Jesus rode into Jerusalem.  Support for Jesus had been intensifying, mainly due to His impressive miracles.  The most noteworthy of these was the recent raising of Lazarus in Bethany, where the Palm Sunday procession began.  Jesus was at a point in His ministry when enthusiastic crowds followed Him wherever He went.  His miracles led many to conclude that He was the promised Messiah.  What better way to celebrate the Passover, the people thought, than by honoring Jesus as the new David, who would lead His people once again to freedom!  The disciples had to be filled with the excitement of it all.  Jesus’ preparation for His journey began with a strange order in regard to two donkeys.  Jesus told the disciples to get a donkey colt from Bethphage.  Jesus rode on a donkey to fulfill the prophecy of Zechariah (9:9-13) and to reveal that He is a humble Servant-King who comes to rule us in love and humility.  He was ready to die to rescue us from sin.  His disciples put their cloaks as a soft covering for Jesus to sit on.  The people along the way and in Jerusalem cut down palm branches and waved them.  The crowds spread their cloaks on the road in front of Jesus.  They shouted, “Hosanna”, it is a Hebrew expression that means “Save Now!” The whole city was stirred and wondered who Jesus was.  Some people saw Jesus as the Messiah but in the wrong sense-as an earthly, political hero.  Some seemed to understand the truth that Jesus was the Messiah who would establish peace between sinners on earth and God in heaven.  Opposition to Jesus from the Jewish Council (based in Jerusalem) had been intensifying.  The Council members had determined that Jesus must die before His popularity eclipsed their power.  They had begun plotting how and when they could arrest Him and execute Him.  Our Bible Lesson for the coming week is “The Last Supper.” 
            Our Week:   Theme -Easter         Bible Lesson-Good Friday
Monday  Ballet  Journal about your Spring Break
Tuesday  Soccer Shots  Spanish
Wednesday-Chapel 10:30 am Please bring your Mission Money.  Lance’s 4th birthday.  Word Wall
Thursday  Picture Day-9:00 am, individual pictures and a group shot-if your child does not attend that day, please make a plan to come and be a part of our picture day.  Music and Movement
Friday- Bunny Tail Hunt
TGA will hold an Easter for Kids on Wednesday, March 28th,  in the fellowship hall, during the school day. 
Please have your child bring one dozen plastic eggs and an egg carton-we will do Resurrection Eggs as part of our activities that day. 
Looking ahead:  We will have Parent-Teacher Conferences the week of April 2nd to 6th -more information will follow.
As well as information about the NW Preschool Preview held on Sunday, April 8th, 1:00 to 3:00 pm.
God’s Blessings on your Week  and your Spring Break!                       Ms. Heiderich


“’From the lips of children and infants you have ordained praise?’”
Matthew 21:16c