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Curriculum Goals

To fulfill the Program Objectives, the following specific processes and activities for each child are included in our curriculum:

· Spiritual Growth
            *Knowing and trusting in Jesus as his/her Savior
            *Knowing that our Lord loves and protect him/her
            *Knowing how God wants him/her/His child, to live
            *Showing love for the Lord and others
            *Realizing that the good news of Jesus is for all people

· Mental Growth
            *Increasing attention span and improving listening skills
            *Developing sensory perception
            *Developing reasoning and problem solving skills
            *Learning organizational skills
            *Discovering similarities and differences
            *Comparing and identifying shapes
            *Recognizing colors
            *Learning new vocabulary

· Social Growth
            *Showing respect for others
            *Accepting compromises
            *Learning to share
            *Assuming responsibility for care of self and possession
            *Taking turns
            *Displaying good manners

· Emotional Growth
            *Learning independence
            *Gaining self-confidence
            *Maintaining positive self esteem
            *Learning appropriate ways to express one’s feelings and respond to others feelings
            *Developing a good attitude

· Physical Growth
            *Developing fine motor skills through cutting, drawing, painting, coloring, tracing,
             gluing, puzzle making, building, and manipulative play.
            *Developing gross motor coordination through running, walking, skipping, hopping, jumping,
             bouncing, throwing, catching, balancing

· Learning Experiences
          *Subjects included in expanding the child’s learning experiences are language arts, number readiness,
           music, art, science, and social studies.