Core Values
At The Genesis Academy

We focus on these core values when teaching your children.


Learning begins when children feel safe and happy. Children learn best by doing. Our curriculum gives preschoolers ample opportunities for hands-on play-intensive learning in a language-based environment.

Our daily schedule gives the children sufficient uninterrupted time to develop their play themes. The centers are filled with materials to facilitate social/ emotional, physical, cognitive and language development.


The ability to pretend is very important to a child's development. Children who know how to make-believe develop a good vocabulary, which is important for reading.


We are a Christian school committed to providing children with religious training at an early age. Our daily Bible time is the most important part of your child's learning experience. Christian principles are also reinforced in all of the learning centers throughout the day. We say mealtime prayers and many of the songs in our music program speak of Jesus and His love.


Children often use blocks to recreate the world around them. They work together and learn to cooperate and make friends. Learning is always embedded into their play.


The library is where children gain the foundation for reading and writing. Reading to children every day is the single most important thing to help them learn to read.