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Schooling is an essential part of children’s lives, and the earlier they start to develop their academic understanding, the better they are able to adapt to its challenges as they grow older. As a result, preschool is becoming an essential part of children’s futures. The Genesis Academy is a Cypress preschool that offers the highest quality education to children in their most formative years, helping set them up for success. Our director, Deborah Heiderich, brings over a decade of experience to our school.

Ms. Heiderich continues The Genesis Academy's 21 year commitment to Christian values, with children enjoying daily Bible time, which is reinforced through each of the individual subjects, and especially in music. 

Ms. Heiderich  has been instrumental in creating a curriculum that promotes imagination, and the value of pretend and make-believe. New activities will help develop communication and social interaction, grow the vocabulary and more. The school also helps children understand the value of cooperation, which in turn creates better friendships for life. 

The school is also committed to child safety at all times. New innovations give them the freedom to play, explore and develop while remaining totally safe and secure. This allows parents to feel relaxed about preschool, knowing their children are protected and nurtured in a supportive environment.

We invite you to stop in anytime for a visit.  If you visit between 9 a.m. - 1p.m. you can meet Ms. Heiderich, our morning preschool teachers and our Administrative Assistant, Sharon.  We look forward to sharing The Genesis Academy with you and your child.
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The Genesis Academy's Mission

Since 1996 The Genesis Academy, a Cypress preschool,  has offered quality Christian preschool and childcare to children ages 3-5.   We are a ministry of Prince of Peace Lutheran Church located in the Copperfield area of Northwest Harris County.

Our goal is to help children begin on a godly road to well-adjusted adulthood by learning and growing socially, mentally, physically and spiritually according to the various individual personalities God has given them.

We believe that children need Christian role models at this impressionable age. That is why our staff is trained to daily enlighten the children's lives by guiding them from a Biblical perspective. Christian training is the most important thing YOU will provide for your child!

We are here to serve you and the precious children with whom God has entrusted you. We are dedicated to providing the very best.  The Genesis Academy is open to children of any race, color, religion, national or ethnic origin.  Children must be 3 years old to register.

We encourage you to visit our school. We are especially convenient for those looking for a Cypress preschool in 77095 zip code.  Call us to schedule an appointment or just stop in to meet our director, Deborah Heiderich, and take a tour of our facility.  You are always welcome.